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Ship Supply - Provisions, Spares, Stores, Bonded


Ship Service - G.A, Law Consulting, CTM


Maritime Cyber Security - Survey, Certification


Marine Education - Online Video, Certification


Marine Insurance, Accident Survey and Forensic


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Panama flag service and legal advice

Nowadays in the shipping field there are such a thing as just war on account of strict regulations, competitive environment and cyber attack etc.

​​​Marine officers have too much work to do for ship operations and cargo working, however they must spend more times paper works than traditional roles.

We hope your tasks to be simplified by united manner in our help and solutions.
​​​​Our company is constantly evolving and growing in shipping filed.

We provide wide range of Shipping services. Our mission is, so simple, to provide best solution for the ship owners(of course, include the management, chaterers) to handle or meet a huge number of their regulations. After meeting us, you can find the simplest method.

Thank  you so much.​​​​​​​


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